In 1953, the first Chinese own sparkplug called LD was born in the Nanjing Electric Company and had dominated the spark plug industry in China for almost 5 decades. And in 1996, Nanjing Electric Company partnered up with Robert Bosch and founded Nanjing Huade Spark Plug Company which was the predecessor of Nanjing Sanwei Electric Company. This joint venture corporation had not only become the leading brand in spark plug field for about 15 years, but also brought great management culture and quality control system that still impacted on the leadership team at Najing Sanwei Electric Company. In 2010, as Bosch completed the acquisition of the entire equity interest, Nanjing Sanwei Electric Company was founded to continue focusing on manufacturing the best spark plug and other high end automobile parts and strive to be the No.1 Chinese brand as well as a well-known international brand among the automobile parts industry. The corporate culture of Sanwei Electric Company is to ensure product quality, provide best customer services, build great brand and insist on innovation

There is no doubt that innovation is the key to become successful in such a completive industry. On the basis of inheriting the Huade product line, Nanjing Sanwei Electric Company kept expanding its product line in order to fulfill the needs of a variety of clients. In 2010 and 2011, Sanwei launched the brand new series of ignition cable as well as ignition coil which gained the recognition of the local market. Also, Sanwei has recently brought the "NHSP LD" brand back to the market, which serves not only the automobile market, but also the motorcycle and the general gasoline engine. This dual brand marketing strategy helps Sanwei gain a lot of prestige clients including Fiat, SAIC Motor, GAG Group, Dongfeng Group, JAC Group, Jincheng Corporation, Loncin Holding Co., Ltd, Chongqing Lifan, Jiangsu Sumec, Guangzhou Fekon Motor, China Fuxing, Luoyang Pneumatic tool Co., Ltd, etc.

Product quality is the lifeblood of Nanjing Sanwei Company because great brand can’t be built without great quality. In 2012, Sanwei passed the ISO/TS16949:2009 certification test, and all the products had been manufactured as per the norm of quality system and strictly implemented the requests from clients. In the long run, Nanjing Sanwei Electric Company will keep following the trend of the global automobile parts industry and put the interest of clients as company’s first priority. The core value of Sanwei is to create the profit for both domestic clients as well as international clients.

Sanwei is on the way.